B2/C1: Let´s Talk Business

Worried about your business or holiday trip to the US? Have you ever been too shy to speak up during a meeting? Having trouble socializing with your British partners?
I invite you to build your English fluency with this group. This English conversation course will focus on topics like speaking, idioms, false friends, cultural references (American/German) and texts from Business Spotlight and World and Press. This course will not only build your vocabulary but encourages you to discuss opinions with like-minded people.
This course is facilitated by a native English speaker from Los Angeles, California. She has ESL experience in the US, Spain and Germany.
Come join the fun!

Der Kurs findet am 14., 21. und 28. November nicht statt.

13 Abende, 19.09.2018, - 30.01.2019,
Mittwoch, 18:00 - 19:30 Uhr
13 Termin(e)
Josephine Osorio
P040625 (Gartenstr. 33)
VHS-Geschäftsstelle, Gartenstr. 33, 88212 Ravensburg, Raum 3 (1.OG)
nicht rabattierbar (gültig bei 5 Teilnehmenden)
nicht rabattierbar (gültig bei 6 Teilnehmenden)
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