B2/C1: English Conversation Course

Improve your listening and speaking skills and become confident in English! Look forward to newspaper artices (NY times, Time, Forbes, Business Insider, etc.), YouTube clips, group/pair activities, and age appropriate games that will provide you with plenty of exposure to the language. Our discourse in the class will focus on topics like daily routines to economic and political issues around the world. The sky is the limit!
I encourage the participants to engage in discussion, question, and debate in this advanced course. If you enjoy lively conversations in a comfortable environment, this is your invitation. I am looking forward to meeting you!
This course is instructed by an American native speaker with experience in the US and abroad.

Der Kurs findet am 5. und 12. März nicht statt.

15 Abende, 13.02.2020, - 16.07.2020,
Donnerstag, 18:00 - 19:30 Uhr
15 Termin(e)
Josephine Osorio
Raum: 7.2.02, 2. Obergeschoss, Wilhelmstraße 7, 88212 Ravensburg
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