C1: Advanced English Conversation

In this course we talk about daily events and holiday experiences. We also enjoy talking about different cultures and traditions and about the challenges facing us in this modern-day world including political and environmental issues.

These themes are mainly based on BBC articles and videos and original British and American newspaper articles usually from World&Press with vocabulary notes.The emphasis is put on reading, listening and speaking skills with additional excercises to practise advanced grammar and vocabulary. 

If you are interested in joining our relaxed and informal group and wish to contribute to a lively conversation, you are very welcome to join us. This course is conducted by a native English speaker.

Lernmaterialien werden von der Dozentin gestellt.

12 Vormittage, 10.03.2022, - 14.07.2022,
Donnerstag, 10:05 - 11:35 Uhr
12 Termin(e)
Anne Knöpfler
vhs-Geschäftsstelle, Gartenstraße 33, 88212 Ravensburg, Raum 1.02
(gültig ab 7 Teilnehmenden)
nicht rabattierbar (gültig bei 6 Teilnehmenden)
nicht rabattierbar (gültig bei 5 Teilnehmenden)

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