C1: English - Morning Conversation

By attending this course, you should be able to further improve your confidence and ability to speak and discuss topics in English. 
Completely new phrases and idioms will be explained in an understandable way. As a result, your fluency should improve to level where you can confidently embark on English conversations of various types in which you will be able to understand and be understood. In addition, the content should provide you with a very good background to the various subjects, people and cultures. 
This course is purely conversational, and you will be subjected to various new things which are happening around us in the world today. Sometimes texts from various sources are provided prior to the lesson thereby enabling participants to review the article at length and prepare accordingly.

This course is moderated by an English native speaker.

15 Vormittage, 08.03.2022, - 05.07.2022,
Dienstag, 10:15 - 11:45 Uhr
15 Termin(e)
Brian Holloway
vhs-Geschäftsstelle, Gartenstraße 33, 88212 Ravensburg, Raum 1.10
(gültig ab 7 Teilnehmenden)
nicht rabattierbar (gültig bei 6 Teilnehmenden)
nicht rabattierbar (gültig bei 5 Teilnehmenden)