Creative Writing

This course will guide students through the process of creative writing in English to help them build their English language skills by exploring different modes of creative writing. In this course students will learn how to analyze and write their own creative work in various mediums, including short stories, poems, flash fiction pieces, and creative non-fiction or memoir pieces. By using examples of these forms of creative writing and by doing in-class writing and other exercises, students will learn to use the English language in abstract ways which can be further applied to other areas of English usage - such as business, scientific of other academic writing, and even in online-based writing projects, such as blogs or social media. This course, through theory and practice based in a passion for writing creatively, will build the students' English language skills as well as their knowledge about elements of writing strong work, identifying their "writer's voice", and managing creative "blocks". 

7 Abende, 06.11.2020, - 18.12.2020,
Freitag, wöchentlich, 18:00 - 19:30 Uhr
7 Termin(e)
Ariel Moniz
vhs-Geschäftsstelle, Gartenstr. 33, 88212 Ravensburg, Raum 1.10
(gültig ab 7 Teilnehmenden)
nicht rabattierbar (gültig bei 6 Teilnehmenden)
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